The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) is the largest society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.), management science, and analytics.

In This Area

INFORMS serves the scientific and professional needs of Analytics Professionals and Operations Researchers including educators, scientists, students, managers, analysts, and consultants. The Institute serves as a focal point for analytics and O.R. professionals, permitting them to communicate with each other and reach out to other professional societies, as well as the varied clientele of the profession's research and practice.

Some of the services INFORMS provides include:

  • Publishing 14 scholarly journals that describe the latest O.R. and analytics methods and applications and an industry and  membership magazine with news from across the profession.
  • Organizing national and international conferences for academics and professionals, as well as for members of the society's special interest groups.
  • Providing analytics certification and continuing education to assist members and others in furthering their career
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INFORMS Mission:

INFORMS will lead in the development, dissemination and implementation of knowledge, basic and applied research and technologies in operations research, analytics, the management sciences, and related methods of improving operational processes, decision-making, and management. INFORMS will strive to:

  i) support efforts to extend, unify and integrate related branches of knowledge and practice;
ii) support the free interchange of information relevant to the purposed of the Institute;
iii) promote greater use of this knowledge by all organizations and the general public;
iv) encourage the education of students and the continuing education of practitioners in these fields of knowledge;
v) promote high professional standards and integrity in all work done in the field.

The Institute is proud of its History and Traditions. See the Presidential Portrait Gallery.

INFORMS is a member of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies.


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Free Analytics magazine

INFORMS' free digital magazine provides readers with an understanding of how data, modeling, and mathematical analyses are used to drive better business decisions.

Speakers Program

Find an experienced, qualified speaker for your next business, governmental, or educational function at INFORMS Speakers Program.