Program Directors of Analytics Programs to meet in Las Vegas

What are your biggest challenges as the Director of an Analytics Program? Chances are you’re not alone and many of your fellow program directors share the same challenges and more.

Join analytics program directors from across the country for the Inaugural Meeting of Analytics Program Directors (MAPD) on April 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. The meeting is designed to provide the program directors of analytics programs with a forum for discussion, networking, and the sharing of best practices. The goal is to provide a platform for the types of exchanges that will raise the bar for all analytics programs and ultimately lead to better outcomes for students. Register for the meeting here.  

INFORMS is providing this inaugural meeting with no registration fee and while the MAPD will take place before the 2017 INFORMS Analytics Conference at the same location, attendees will not be required to attend the Analytics Conference. However, with leading analytics professionals and industry experts coming together to share, learn, and network, the 2017 INFORMS Analytics Conference is an attractive option for anyone engaged in the business analytics arena.


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