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Career Center: Offers a centralized location to help you learn more about operations research and to help find the right school, job, or career path in this field.

Financial Aid: Provides resources to help you find financial aid (including graduate and post-doctoral fellowships) and research sponsors, and to help you refine your proposal-writing skills.

OR/MS Educational Programs: Includes programs around the world. The list can be sorted by institution name, by geographic location, or by type of program.

OR/MS Tomorrow: The student membership magazine for INFORMS. The bi-annual publication provides a look at operations research and management science through featured articles, student publications, relevant job listings and chapter and member spotlights.

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Visit OR/MS Tomorrow, the student membership magazine for INFORMS

Resources for High School Teachers

The High School Operations Research site (HSOR) provides instructional materials for use in high school mathematics classrooms. Each module develops secondary mathematics concepts in real-world contexts drawn from the field of operations research. These applications span the spectrum of organizations: from Bethlehem Steel to Ponderosa Plywood of Mexico, from Hertz to HP, from routing Meals-on-Wheels to routing Special Ed school buses. The activities build on the basic math concepts that all high school students study in algebra and many see in an introductory probability or discrete mathematics course. They are aligned with NCTM's Principles and Standards.