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OR/MS Blogs

  • INFORMS E-News Blog
    Important and timely news about INFORMS and Operations Research
  • O.R./Analytics at Work Blog
    Post your comments and read commentary on the latest trends in O.R. methodology and the profession
  • Operational Research Blog
    Mike Trick's thoughts on the world of operations research
  • Operations Research Forum
    The OR Forum area invites work that challenges the reader to consider and evaluate the status of past, present, or future prospects and challenges within the field of operations research.
  • Operations Research, Politics, Education
    Views on OR, politics and education
  • INFORMS Computing Society Blog
    A blog to keep everyone abreast of all the news and developments related to the Computing Society.
  • RENeW
    Research, Education, Networks, and the World: A Female Professor Speaks
  • Punk Rock Operations Research
    Highlights interesting applications of operations research and the management sciences, as well as ways in which operations research and systems thinking can make the world a better place.
  •  greenOR: an intersection of operations research and sustainability
    Information about the intersection of operations research and environmental areas such as sustainability, alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, etc.
  • ThinkOR - Think Operations Research
    All operations research professionals, academias, and any interested parties are welcome to come together and discuss and post their views, opinions, and ideas on operations research.
  •  OR at Work
    Operations research applications in practice, sharing experience and ideas with other practitioners in this field and inviting them to react.
  • FM Waves
    The dark side of an operations researcher. Or how operations research can be a funny subject.
  • Thoughts on business, engineering and higher education
    Business, engineering and higher education.
  • Matching Supply With Demand
    Current events and issues in operations management
  • O.R.-Exchange
    A place to ask questions, get answers, and post and read announcements about operations research.
  •  O.R. by the Beach
    About solving complex decision problems that arise from a variety of practical applications, such as: product line simplification, scheduling, political districting, information display on maps, routing and transportation, location, and operations management in general.
  • Jay & Barry's OM Blog
    Ideas that may help you teach your OM course, with links to current articles (along with suggested class discussion questions), new ways of using the many tools (such as our video series) that accompany the texts, and testing/homework suggestions.
  • The blog of the former editor of IAOR
    The thoughts of a long-time operational research scientist, who was the editor-in-chief of the International Abstracts in Operations Research (IAOR) from 1992 to 2010.
  • OR in an OB World
    A mix of operations research items and software tricks that I'll probably forget if I don't write them down somewhere.
  • Reflections on Operations Research
    Patricia & Robert Randall blog about operations research in the world around us.
  • Graham Kendall's Blog
    A discussion of any research topics which capture his attention. This will mostly be related to his research but may also stray onto other people's work.
  • Optimal Decision Analytics
    A blog dedicated to optimization and decision analytics.
  • The Operations Room
    The Operations Room is a forum for discussing current topics in operations management (OM). We have no particular agenda but are looking to identify interesting strategic and tactical developments in the field.
  • Nathan Brixius' Blog
    Topics include optimization, analytics, and programming. The blog regularly includes code samples for practitioners, applications of recent research papers, book reviews, and links from the popular press.
  • Chinese OR Tea
    This blog written in Chinese promotes the applications of OR in China. Topics include algorithm design, optimization techniques, and optimization software (CPLEX, Gurobi, SeDuMi, SDPT3, YALMIP, etc) and includes videos of the author's talks.
  • Opt and OR
    interesting new, old or current (the intersection being all) optimization and operations research
  • The Operations Research Management Sciences Blog
    covers different aspects of ORMS including its history, research, education, applications and future prospects
  • Manufacturing Excellence
    Plant tours, supply chain management, operations information, and more!
  • Thirty Letters in my Name
    Various topics including operations research
  • Global Supply Chain Musings
    A blog with the goal to get students focused on global supply chain management issues. 
  • Professor Mike's Blog
    Topics include economic stimulus, technological advantage used for personal gain by students, and the process for awarding the Nobel prize in economic sciences.
  • Stigler Diet
    An operations research PhD student's take on graduate school, teaching, math, and OR
  • Marketing Engineering & Master of Marketing Analysis
    This two-year/one-year English advanced master degree offers you a unique education in analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • AIMMS Blog
    How-to, tips & tricks, and other useful information for AIMMS users
  • Learn and Teach Statistics and Operations Research
    Nicola Petty blogs about teaching
  • Subconscious Musings: Advanced analytics
    Aimed at Advanced Analytics practitioners
  • Tumbleweed Marketing Analytics
    Marketing and analytics research in healthcare, energy tourism, and other sectors 
  • disORiented
    An operations research and math themed blog 
    mathematical optimization in academia and industry

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