INFORMS Speakers Program

Speakers Program

Are you seeking an introduction to better decision making? Would you like your colleagues to hear an O.R. luminary in one of the many fields to which operations researchers and analytics have made a lasting contribution? Or do you want to invite a speaker who can explain an advanced topic in operations research?

The INFORMS Speakers Program is designed to provide access to excellent speakers who are experts in operations research, analytics, and the management sciences.

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Those who can benefit from an INFORMS Speaker include:

  • INFORMS chapters seeking speakers who can visit their city
  • Students and faculty at universities, especially those trying to strengthen their OR program or launch a related program
  • Operations research practitioners and also management, both at organizations with OR projects and those seeking to explore the advantages offered by OR teams
  • Kindred societies
  • The media
  • Trade associations and groups seeking to learn about the contribution that operations research can bring to an organization or project

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