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INFORMS publishes scholarly peer-reviewed journals, including the flagship journals Operations Research and Management Science, an open-access journal INFORMS Transactions on Education, and a new INFORMS journal, Strategy Science.


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Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis is a quarterly journal dedicated to advancing the theory, application, and teaching of all aspects of decision analysis. The primary focus of the journal is to develop and study operational decision-making methods, drawing on all aspects of decision theory and decision analysis, with the ultimate objective of providing practical guidance for decision makers. As such, the journal aims to bridge the theory and practice of decision analysis, facilitating communication and the exchange of knowledge among decision analysts in academia, business, industry, and government.

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Information Systems Research

Information Systems Research Information Systems Research (ISR) is a leading international journal of theory, research, and intellectual development, focused on information systems in organizations, institutions, the economy, and society. It is dedicated to furthering knowledge in the productive application of information technologies to human organizations and their management and, more broadly, to improved economic and social welfare.

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INFORMS Journal on Computing

INFORMS Journal on Computing INFORMS Journal on Computing, published quarterly, contains a wide range of papers on the broad intersection of O.R. and computing. In addition to research articles, there are special papers in a variety of formats, including feature articles on timely topics, expository and state-of-the-art reviews, and research perspectives. Specific areas of interest include: computational probability and analysis; design and analysis of algorithms; heuristic search and learning; high-performance computation; knowledge and data management; logic, optimization, and constraint programming; modeling: methods and analysis; simulation; and telecommunications and electronic commerce.

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Interfaces Interfaces, a bimonthly journal of INFORMS, is dedicated to improving the practical application of OR/MS to decisions and policies in today's organizations and industries. Learn how to overcome the difficulties and issues encountered in applying operations research and management science to real-life situations. Each article provides details of the completed application, along with the results and impact on the organization. Interfaces is essential reading for analysts, engineers, project managers, consultants, students, researchers, and educators.

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Management Science

Management Science Management Science, published monthly, is a scholarly journal published to scientifically address the problems, interests, and concerns of managers. The journal promotes the science of managing private and public sector enterprises through publication of theoretical, computational, and empirical research that draws on a wide range of management subdisciplines, including accounting, business strategy, decision analysis, finance, information systems, marketing, operations management, operations research, organizational behavior, and product/technology management.

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Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM)

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM), published quarterly, is the premier journal of the operations management (OM) research community. M&SOM presents state-of-the-art research of interest to both academic and industry researchers and practitioners working at the interface of research and implementation. The journal publishes a wide range of research related to the production of goods and services, including: process design, control, and improvement; operational decision making and planning; supply chain coordination; operations strategy and economics; technology management; productivity and quality management; product development; cross-functional coordination; and practice-based research.

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Marketing Science

Marketing Science Marketing Science, published bimonthly by INFORMS, focuses on articles that answer important research questions in marketing. Researchers employ a rigorous mathematical modeling approach aimed at improving the actions of marketing decision makers, offering a deeper understanding of marketing phenomena. Marketing Science articles report significant findings and methodological advances related to many marketing topics, including pricing, new products, channels, promotions, salesforce management, buyer behavior, product lines, forecasting, advertising, competitive strategy, services marketing, targetability, and segmentation.

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Mathematics of Operations Research

Mathematics of Operations Research Mathematics of Operations Research, published quarterly by INFORMS, is a premier research journal emphasizing the mathematics in the broad field of operations research. The main areas of the journal are: continuous optimization, discrete optimization, stochastic models, game theory, and machine learning. The journal invites articles concerned with the mathematical and computational foundations in the areas of  mathematical programming, dynamic programming, stochastic processes, stochastic optimization, simulation methodology, control and adaptation, networks, and decision theory. 

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Operations Research

Operations Research Operations Research, published bimonthly, serves the entire operations research (OR) community, including practitioners, researchers, educators, and students. Operations Research, as the flagship journal of the profession, strives to publish results that are truly insightful. Each issue offers a balance of well-written articles that span the wide array of creative activities in OR. Areas of concentration include computing and decision technologies, decision analysis, environment and energy, financial engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations, marketing science, military and homeland security, optimization, policy modeling and public sector OR, revenue management, stochastic models, telecommunications and networking, and transportation.

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Organization Science

Organization Science Organization Science is ranked among the top journals in management by the Social Science Citation Index in terms of impact and is widely recognized in the fields of strategy, management, and organization theory. Organization Science provides one umbrella for the publication of research from all over the world in fields such as organization theory, strategic management, sociology, economics, political science, history, information science, systems theory, communication theory, artificial intelligence, and psychology.

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Service Science

Service Science

Driven by today’s new business environment including advanced telecommunications, accelerated business globalization, increased automation, and on-demand innovations, emphasis in the service sector focuses on people's satisfaction and success. Service Science, a fully refereed online journal, covers state-of-the-art research, education, practice, and breakthroughs in the service science. Ultimately, these empirical results, newly discovered science and technology is disseminated to academia and explained to policy makers, practicing professionals and managers.

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Strategy Science (NEW in 2016)

Strategy Science seeks to publish outstanding research directed to the challenges of strategic management in both business and non-business organizations. This agenda encompasses a broad range of topics including relatively macro-level concerns of industry dynamics and the institutional context in which organizations operate and more organizational-level focused work, such as processes of organizational change, and work that links the organization to its external context, such as questions of firm boundaries and strategic positioning. The first issue is scheduled to be released in 2016.

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Transportation Science

Transportation Science Transportation Science is the foremost journal in the field of transportation analysis. Published quarterly by INFORMS, it features comprehensive, timely articles and surveys that cover all levels of planning and all modes of transportation. Topics covered include economic analysis of transportation systems; strategic, tactical, and operational transportation planning; and transportation systems design. Transportation Science is international in scope, with editors from nations around the globe.

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INFORMS Transactions on Education (open-access)

INFORMS Transactions on Education

INFORMS Transactions on Education (ITE) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal with the mission of advancing operations research, management science, and analytics education at all levels worldwide. ITE fulfills its mission by encouraging creation and facilitating dissemination of classroom-tested pedagogical approaches, case studies, games, puzzles, software, data sets, and other educational materials.

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