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INFORMS communities unite members and provide opportunities

One of the most important benefits of an INFORMS membership is the ability to network and collaborate with a community of your peers who are concerned with the same special interest areas as you.

Subdivision Leadership Resource Center: Things you need to know as a subdivision officer.

In This Area

At INFORMS we have Communities in special interest areas spanning the breadth of the OR/MS and analytics profession.

Communities are independent bodies that bring together people who share special technical interests or geographical locations. You can join as many communities as you wish — getting involved is an excellent way to network with your peers.

Members join Communities to:

  • Access specialized knowledge through Community newsletters, list serves, discussion boards, and meetings
  • Learn about specific tools of the trade
  • Access sometimes hidden research opportunities
  • Receive discounts on registration rates for special interest conferences
  • Help shape INFORMS Annual and Regional Meetings through Community-sponsored and -presented tracks of learning
  • Receive discounts on selected journals
  • Compete for specialized prizes
  • Access sometimes hidden job opportunties
  • Volunteer for leadership opportunities
  • Make a positive contribution to the most salient part of the profession

INFORMS Communities make it happen
Community members are the grassroots of our organization. Volunteers at the community level often become leaders of INFORMS — the people who will shape our national policy, carry out new initiatives, and set goals for the future.
Your energy, talents, and knowledge are the key to our success.

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Learn more about the different types of Communities:
Societies | Sections | Fora | Chapters | Student Chapters

Omega Rho International Honor Society

Founded in 1976 and formally a part of INFORMS since 1998, Omega Rho is a Member of the Association of College Honor Societies and a foundation for excellence in Operations Research and Management Science disciplines.

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Community Volunteer Leadership Resources

Whether you’re a new Student Chapter President or a veteran society Secretary, a Forum event coordinator or a Section council representative, a Chapter member planning to run for an officer position, or anything in between – here are the things you need to know >>