Regional Chapters

INFORMS chapters unite colleagues in particular geographical areas, offer the opportunity to gain immediate access to advances in the field, and establish a personal networking system in the locale. INFORMS has chartered over thirty chapters internationally. These subdivisions sponsor regular meetings with speakers and demonstrations of new methods and applications in the field. In addition, they often provide educational programs and sponsor annual meetings in their areas.

Goals and Objectives

The major goals of a chapter should be to benefit its own members and to expand INFORMS membership. A chapter can provide a focus for professional growth of INFORMS members.

A local chapter assists the member in maintaining a close, regular association with professional colleagues in the same city or area. Periodic meetings provide a combination of social interaction, professional dialogue, and public service. Chapter meetings and chapter newsletters shorten the lag between the generation of pertinent information (scientific findings, career opportunities, professional developments, etc.) and its availability to the member.

Local chapters benefit our profession and the Institute. Institute membership is promoted as well as strengthened by chapters. The profession benefits through local public outreach and awareness programs. The profession and its practice in industry and academia is promoted by chapters through various means such as meetings open to the general public and symposia.

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